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He Was Born WHERE?
We've heard it all, the attacks on anyone daring to question the "legend" of Barack Obama, native born Hawaiian.
So why did his first literary agent list his birthplace as Kenya? Just a misunderstanding? Confusion over his Father's birthplace?
They got the information from somewhere, presumably from the author himself. At the very least wouldn't they have run this by their client before publication?
"Hey, you guys got it wrong, I was born in Honolulu".
Hmm..here's the story from the Brietbart "Vetting" project.
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Worst News Yet for Obama In Latest Poll Numbers
Hmm, when even a CBS News/NY Times Poll shows Obama's chances for a 2nd term are diminishing, you know there's trouble in the worker's paradise.
When you couple this with blowback from the black community over his "evolution" on gay marriage he's got real trouble. The location of the Democrat Convention in Charlotte later this year is a further embarassment with the Tar Heel state's passage of the ban on gay marriage.
Here's the story on the latest polling data.
This May Be The Most Disastrous-Looking Poll For Obama Yet

The new CBS/New York Times poll out last evening is, on the surface, the biggest disaster for the Barack Obama campaign at this point in the 2012 election.
Down overall? Check. Voters frustrated with the economy and how things are going? Check. Gay marriage endorsement backfire? Check.
But this might be the worst underlier of all: Obama is even losing among women.
Now, before we delve deeper, we should point out the funky methodology that has some — ranging on the spectrum from the Obama campaign to the National Journal — questioning how the results hold up.
This is a "panel-back" survey — the same voters were polled this time as were polled in mid-April. Only 562 of the original 856 registered voters re-responded to the poll this time around.
Still, the poll oversamples Democrats — among registered voters, the sample pool is composed of 36 percent Democrats, 34 percent Independents and 30 percent Republicans.
Romney's overall lead stands at 46 percent to 43 percent. Last month, the two candidates were deadlocked. There are a few underliers that spell disaster for Barack Obama.
First is the women vote. What the heck happened here? Last month, Obama led among women by 6 percentage points. In this poll, he's trailing Romney by 2 points in the women's vote. It's an even bigger shift when you consider other surveys, like last month's CNN poll that found Obama destroying Romney among women by 16 points.

CBS/NYT poll
Independents also continue to flock to Mitt Romney. He's up in that category by 7 points, though it's worth noting that Obama captures the self-described "moderate" vote by 11 points.
And this is the third poll that shows the President's gay marriage endorsement is causing some backlash with voters. This time, voters go beyond just saying they are less likely to vote for him — 22 percent are less likely, vs. 14 percent more likely.
But the kicker: Most voters believe that Obama's endorsement came about for political reasons. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense and lines up in direct contrast with the fact that more people are now less likely to vote for him. Still, even Democrats are suspicious.

CBS/NYT poll
We've reached out to CBS for a little more comment on the methodology, but what a disaster on the surface.
And now the Obama campaign is claiming the poll is "biased." >>

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