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Lisa Rollins

For more than 30 years Lisa Rollins has been a part of upstate radio. Called the most calming, caring, conservative voice in radio, Lisa can see all sides of the issue, yet is never afraid to share her own personal opinion!


A new study says that kids get about $65 a month in allowance -- and just 1 percent of parents say their kids put any of it into savings. According to a national survey for the American Institute of CPAs by Harris Interactive, 61 percent of parents surveyed said that they give their kids an allowance, and 54 percent of parents said that they started doing so when their kids were 8 years old. Eighty-nine percent of parents surveyed said that they require their kids to earn their allowance by doing chores -- at least an hour of them a week, though most kids did about 6 hours a week worth of work for their money. (Yahoo! Shine) ASK YOUR LISTENERS If you give your kid allowance, what do you expect them to buy with it? Will you still buy your kids treats and toys if you give them an allowance? After what age do you stop giving an allowance? Kids -- do you brag about your allowance, or are you embarrassed to get money from mom and dad?

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08/29/2012 5:29AM
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