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Lisa Rollins

For more than 30 years Lisa Rollins has been a part of upstate radio. Called the most calming, caring, conservative voice in radio, Lisa can see all sides of the issue, yet is never afraid to share her own personal opinion!

Paul wll NOT win!

I don’t remembering seeing such dedication for a politician ever! Are you Ron Paul supporters under some kind of spell, hypnosis, or what? I am not trying to be rude or provoke but get over it! He’s NOT going to win and has even said so himself! I just don’t understand your “passion” for this man who blames everything on big bad America. His foreign policy is let’s hide our head in the sand and hope everyone just leaves us alone! That is ignorant AND dangerous! I believe in a STRONG National defense and in keeping rogue nations from further expanding their weapons (certainly nuclear!) to turn on US! I DON’T agree with his position on drugs! He says the government is unconstitutionally sticking its nose in people’s business by not allowing the legal use of drugs like weed. I don’t have the EXACT percentage but have heard it said by re-hab EXPERTS that while not ALL pot smokers turn into hard drug users, 98% (?) of all hard drug users started out by smoking pot! NO, don’t legalize weed or another other such street drug! Do we really need to give people MORE options to numb their minds, to harm themselves and their loved ones! CRAZY! I loved Ronald Reagan and despise that Paul told the Dallas Morning News that Reagan’s presidency was a ”dramatic failure”. And in regard to capital punishment Paul says he’s changed his mind and is now OPPOSED to it. I am NOT! Anyway, I feel better…hope you do when you realize he is not gonna win so get over it and get involved with someone who can beat Obama!

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05/02/2012 8:45AM
Paul wll NOT win!
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