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Soda Makers to Show Calories on Vending Machines

The American Beverage Association says Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and others will next year start displaying the calorie count for drinks sold in vending machines. City government buildings in San Antonio and Chicago will be the first to have vending machines showing calorie counts, with it spreading out nationwide afterward. The calorie counts will be shown on the buttons people press to pick a drink and the machines will also display a message reminding consumers to, quote, "check then choose" and "try a low calorie beverage." So, what do you think of this plan to show calorie counts on soda vending machines? Do you think doing so might lead some people to press the button for a diet soda or bottled water instead? Do you think it's true in general that people will eat less or choose a healthier option if they know the amount of calories in the food they have to choose from? And why stop there, how about the calorie counts on snack vending machines? Good idea, bad idea, don’t care?

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10/09/2012 6:26AM
Soda Makers to Show Calories on Vending Machines
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10/11/2012 9:00AM
It sounds to me like a conspiracy by doctors and big pharma. If people choose the diet versions, which are full of substances proven bad for our bodies, then they will be forced to seek medical attention.
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