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Lisa Rollins

For more than 30 years Lisa Rollins has been a part of upstate radio. Called the most calming, caring, conservative voice in radio, Lisa can see all sides of the issue, yet is never afraid to share her own personal opinion!

Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream last night EVER! I was working as a server at a night spot and kept telling the people to go home. I told one man his wife was alone and needed him to help her with the 4 children. He left in a huff. I told a women I would not serve her another drink because she had already had 2 glasses of wine and that was enough. She started crying and left. I told a guy that it was raining real hard and he needed to leave and get home so he wouldn’t have a wreck. He left too and was NOT too happy about my “mothering” of him. Anyway, thought it was strange and even stranger that I didn’t lose my job…maybe I woke up before that happened. Also strange cause I could smell the place. It smelled like alcohol and cologne. WEIRD!

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11/07/2013 8:29AM
Strange Dream
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