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Tennessee Bill Could Force Schools to Tell Parents Their Child is or Might Be Ga

A bill that's been introduced in the Tennessee state Senate could force schools to tell parents that their child is or might be gay. The legislation is actually a re-filing of a bill submitted in 2011 by Republican state Senator Stacey Campfield, dubbed the "don't say gay" bill, that bans teachers from mentioning homosexuality at all to their students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. It didn't make it through then, but Campfield has now resubmitted it with the new disclosure language added. It presents being gay as something that's harmful, and says that if a student asks for counseling or advice at school about their thoughts that they might be gay or actual same-sex activity, or if a teacher, for instance, even suspects a student might be gay, parents have to be notified. Opponents expressing concern about this say the repercussions could be harmful, with Annie-Rose Strasser of ThinkProgress saying, "Family rejection is a serious risk for LGBT youth," that can lead to depression, suicide or or a child being thrown out of their home. So, what do you think of the legislation barring teachers from mentioning homosexuality in any way to students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade? What do you think of the bill requiring that students who ask for advice or counseling at school because of gay feelings or actions, or if any school official even thinks a student might be gay, parents have to be notified? Does parents' right to know that their child might be gay override that child's right to privacy and potential need for protection from parents' rejection over the information? If you were in this situation, would you want the school to notify you that your child is or might be gay, or would you rather have your child come to you when they are ready?

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02/01/2013 4:39AM
Tennessee Bill Could Force Schools to Tell Parents Their Child is or Might Be Gay
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02/25/2013 2:56PM
Are you kidding me ?!?!
I think this would be a terrible bill to pass. Being gay is hard enough, especially when teens are having to go thru this at such a difficult time in their lives..I think that teachers and counselors, should be just that, teacher and counselors not stool pigeons because a child thinks he or she might be gay.
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