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Lisa Rollins

For more than 30 years Lisa Rollins has been a part of upstate radio. Called the most calming, caring, conservative voice in radio, Lisa can see all sides of the issue, yet is never afraid to share her own personal opinion!

Wrong is Wrong! And this IS!

A gym in Vancouver, Canada, designed to appeal to overweight people has instituted a ban on skinny clients, saying that thin people, quote, "bring down morale." Louise Green, founder of the Body Exchange gym, says it’s a "safe haven" for overweight people who may be intimidated to work out in the presence of people who are fit. Her quote is "Many of our clients have not had successful fitness pasts, so I can see the anxiety before we get started and I can see the relief and happiness after we finish. People are often too fearful to become active." Give me a break. Being overweight all my life almost I don’t find those who are fit firm and in good shape intimidating, I consider them blessed and working to keep what they have been given thru genes or thru hard work! God Bless ‘em! So, think about it! Why would this kind of action be seen as acceptable to those who are fit and NOT be for those of us who are fat? We could be discouraging to those who are fit to even have to look at. Wrong is Wrong and THIS is wrong. Listen it’s a private business and if that’s what they wanna do, go for it, but, they are wrong in doing so! What do YOU think about it!

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06/21/2012 6:54AM
Wrong is Wrong! And this IS!
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06/21/2012 4:47PM
Gubment fitmess
If it's not gubment owned and run, it's most certainly run by folks brainwashed by Socialists. Watch for grand opening in a smoke-free downtown near you. When it ain't 'bout the money, it's all about CONTROL. Hope the skinny folks vote with their dollars
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