September 2nd - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Walhalla, Easley & Greer

September 3rd - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Anderson, Greenwood & North Augusta

September 4th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Orangeburg, Hampton

September 5th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Beaufort, Mt. Pleasant & Goose Creek

September 5th - Deadline to publish first public notice of General Election in newspaper of general circulation in county.

September 8th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meeting in Gaffney & Spartanburg

September 9th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Clinton, Newberry & Irmo

September 10th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Camden, Fort Mill & Rock Hill

September 12th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meetings in Georgetown & N. Myrtle Beach

September 13th - Tom Ervin Town Hall Meeting in Myrtle Beach

September 15th - Deadline for county election commission to provide copies of general election absentee ballot styles to SEC.

September 19th - Deadline to publish second public notice of General Election (must be published two weeks after first notice.)

September 20th - Deadline to mail absentee ballots to UOCAVA voters (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.)


Oceober 4th - Deadling to register to vote in General Election.


November 4th - General Election Day

November 5th - Deadline for county election commissions to transmit unofficial results to SEC.

November 7th - Deadline for county election commissions to hold provisional ballot hearing, canvass votes, and certify results.  County election commissions should transmit official results to SEC by 1:00pm.

November 12th - 12:00noon - Deadline for filing protests of county-level offices with county election commissions.

November 14th - Deadline for State Board of Canvassers to certify General Election results.

November 17th - Protest hearings held by county election commissions for countywide or less than countywide elections.

November 19th - Latest possible date for protests of federal, state or multi-county offices to be filed with the State Board of Canvassers.  Actual deadline is noon on the fifth day following State Board certification.

November 24th - 12:00noon - a) Deadline to file appeal of county board decision to State Board.  b)  Deadline to submit transcript of protest hearing to the State Board.



December 8th - 12:00noon - a) Latest possible date for State Board to hear appeals.  Appeals must be heard not later than noon, Monday following filing of appeal.  b) Latest possible date for State Board to hear protests of federal, state, or multi-county offices.  Protests must be heard not earlier than the fifth nor later than the 25th day following filing of protest.
McConnell's backers spend millions in Kentucky
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Two groups with close ties to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell are on track to spend nearly $20 million on television advertisements to sway Kentucky voters, a staggering amount for a single race that stands as a textbook example of the use of outside money in a tight contest....
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Lawsuit could scramble Kansas Senate race again
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- A key contest in the fight for control of the Senate could turn on the outcome of an arcane legal argument Monday over whether Democrats must field a candidate against struggling Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts....
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5 Republican goals if they win the Senate Nov. 4
Five things Republicans hope to do if they win control of the Senate this fall:...
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GOP cautions that Senate control would have limits
WASHINGTON (AP) -- How much difference will it make if Republicans win the Senate majority on Nov. 4, joining the GOP-run House against a Democratic White House?...
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Religious conservatives opposed to Hillary Clinton
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton is the one figure uniting religious conservatives frustrated by a leaderless Republican Party that's divided over foreign policy, immigration and social issues....
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Trio of GOP prospects urge midterm turnout in Iowa
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- A trio of Republican presidential prospects implored conservatives Saturday to vote in November's midterm elections while doing their best to impress likely caucus goers should they compete for the GOP presidential nomination in a year and a half....
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In Ga., a father looms large in key Senate race
ALBANY, Ga. (AP) -- It's nothing new for a Nunn to be on the ballot in Georgia, but a casual voter might be forgiven for not knowing which one is running this year....
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Republicans rallying behind religious liberty
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fighting to improve their brand, leading Republicans rallied behind religious liberty at a Friday gathering of evangelical conservatives, rebuking an unpopular President Barack Obama while skirting divisive social issues....
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It's Pryor v. Cotton v. Obama in Arkansas race
PICKENS, Ark. (AP) -- In a Senate race as pivotal as any in the country, Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor is running against Republican Rep. Tom Cotton, who is running against President Barack Obama....
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Outside groups' planned spending by the numbers
Seven high-profile national political organizations have asked television stations to set aside more than $80 million in airtime to shape Senate races between now and Election Day, Nov. 4. A look at where groups plan to empty their pockets during the next 5 1/2 weeks:...
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