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Stealing from a Church!

How would steal from a church? Can you imagine? Televangelist Joel Osteen's church in Houston announced Monday that $600,000 in Sunday donations were stolen from its safe last weekend, MyFoxHouston.com reported. The heist at Lakewood Church wasn't discovered until 8:30 a.m. Monday morning when a church employee and off-duty Harris County Sheriff's Officer noticed the break in, the report said. Investigators believe the theft occurred sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. The donations were from services on March 8 and March 9 and included cash, checks and credit cards. Lakewood has asked anyone who attended services this weekend to pay attention to their accounts and report any suspicious activity. "The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church," the Lakewood statement said, according to The Houston Chronicle. Lakewood stresses this was not a data breach, but says the theft was limited to donations made in the actual services. More than 40,000 people attend weekly services led by Osteen, whose televised sermons reach nearly 100 countries.That's incredibly wrong! Also impressive that many attend the church and that much collected!
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Tough Job

It is so easy to be critical of the Police.  I don't like seeing their blue lights come up behind me anymore than any of you. However, I wouldn't do their job for ANY amount of money.  Imagine, walking up on a robbery in progress.  Walking in on a Domestic Dispute where guns and weapons are drawn and tempers flair. I hear of these "routine" traffic stops that all to often result in violence, an officer being shot and killed on the side of the road.  I can't imagine!  So before you go bashing the cops think about what YOU would do!  Thats all...
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He leaves behind 4 wives! ...in spartanburg

This was in today's Spartanburg Herald and was pointed out by a text message to the show. Would you WANT 4 wives? Oka, here ya go! --- Mohamed Husain Alimohamed, 83 , passed away peacefully on Tuesday evening, February 18, 2014. Mr. Mohamed was retired from INA Bearing Company, Inc. of Spartanburg, where he worked. Surviving are two brothers and wives Fidahusein Alimohamed and wife Batul and Sajjadhusain Alimohamed and wife Bilkis both of Spartanburg, eightnephews, one niece. And thirteen grandnephews and grandnieces. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Spartanburg Regional Hospice, 686 Jeff Davis Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29303. -
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Butter in Coffee

The latest trend in coffee may boost your energy and help you lose weight. BUTTER IN YOUR COFFEE! Well, not just any butter, and not just any coffee. The butter has to be unsalted and grass-fed, and the coffee beans have to be low-toxin – not the ones you find at the supermarket or Starbucks. Would YOU try it!?
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Loved the Big Game

No, I'm not a big football fan when it comes to the NFL...I DO love CLEMSON, but I DID so enjoy the game between The Seahawks and Broncos. I actually enjoyed the Pre-game stuff even more; learning about the players, where they came from, etc. ne of the things I usually very much enjoy are the commercials, but that was NOT the case this year. Of course, I loved the Budweiser Puppy and horse but had seen much of it previewed on line before the game. That's something that didn't used to happen. Anyway, what about you; was there a favorite part?
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I didn't shoot, but I was considering it!

Early this morning I was confronted by a man in a van asking for help, saying he was from another city and had lost his wallet and needed money.  I was in the parking lot here at the radio station and I was still in my car, aware that he had follwed me into the lot.  I had backed out when I saw him coming and was ready to get outta Dodge which thank GOD I was able to do and NOT have to take further action.   I knew what to do and I did it...have your phone, a weapon and the knowledge to do what we know!  If I had NOT been able to get away it may have turned out much differently.  I am very thankful and so should he be!!!
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Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink...or do anothing else with!

I can't imagine what those 300 thousand or so folks near Charleston West Virginia are going thru again today. It's day 5 with NO tap water. You can't drink it, you can't bathe in it, brush your teeth with it, wash your hair, do anythig with it because of a toxic spill that got into the Elk River last Thursday. Many schools, restaurants and other businesses will be closed today because of the lack of clean tap water, but Gov. Earl Tomblin says all state offices will be open. This is just ANOTHER reason why you should be prepared! Are you ready for what today holds when it comes to caring for your loved ones? Makes you think doesn't it!
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Help for Smokers

State health officials say they are doing all they can to help people QUIT smoking.  they announced yesterday that uninsured smokers in South Carolina can get free nicotine replacement therapy from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.   Tobacco use accounts for about 1 in 5 U.S. deaths claiming about 443 thousand every year.  The American Cancer Society says that's more thatn alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, suicide, homicide and illegal drugs combined. They say South Carolina ranks 15th nationally in lung cancer mortality. 
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I got mine! What about YOU?

Yep, I got my flu shot.  Now, I'm getting a lot of grief!  Some of my co-workers and friends are giving me a hard time about it.  I was sick with the noro virus over the holidays and went to the doctor's office at which time I went ahead and got my flu vaccine. I actually MEANT to get it soonwer, but didn't.  Listen do what you wish but I  don't wanna take a change on the H1N1 this year.  A lot of you have your own reasons as to why you don't wanna get yours, do what you think is right for you and yours...and so did I. 
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I am so thankful for those of you who work each and every day to help those in need.  Those who are homeless, hungry, and in need f of a hand!  You do God's work and more of us need to join you  In talking about the recent frigid cold that had enveloped the upstate and MOST of the US  I just can't believe that with all the help, all the shelters, churches, etc, there is any reasn why anyone would CHOOSE to stay out in the cold rather than go in and some of you have told me it's because they have problems tructing others to help them.  Some of them suffer from mental illnesses, drug and or alcohol abuse, and the like.  So what can we do for them? PRAY!  Pray and act!  Offer to work at shelters, offer to drive a church van to pick up in areas where they gather, and do what you can to help.  It may save a life...and will most assuredly, will better yours a well.
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